Managers tend to focus on the tangible outputs. The deliverables.

In innovation this usually focuses on the execution process. 

Are the right systems in place? 

Are the teams resourced properly? 

Is the process efficient?

Is progress tracked?


The initial spark of creativity 

What kicked off the innovation process in the first place

That can be too elusive and intangible to pin down. 

Harder to review against set frameworks.


So how does a manager lead this?

It comes down to metrics. 

Not trying to measure or be responsible for creativity itself but putting in place a framework that creates creativity in the first instance.


It's about knowing who to involve.

Knowing when to involve them.

Trusting that they can work to their own initiative.

Encouraging collaboration from all people of different disciplines,

Backgrounds, and areas of expertise to share their thinking.


Hypha allows you to view all the moving parts, 

Join up the dots to ensure the deliverables are met 

With the best possible outcome.