How do you approach ideation? 

Many businesses follow the pathway of mass-ideation. This works under the assumption that more is better. The goal is to generate as many ideas as possible with the hope that something useful might emerge. 

Most ideation tools follow this approach. The problem is that the majority of ideas have no integrity or depth. With a large volume of ideas and limited time to process them, decisions are often made under pressure and so opportunities are easily missed.

At Hypha we apply the considered-ideation approach. This means providing a context for problem-solving and ensuring our clients are supported with a guided journey before submitting an idea. 

In addition, all the underlying information, such as consumer needs, markets, products and competitors, is made available to support the idea. 

If someone has an idea, Hypha makes it possible to look at similar themes, collaborate with others and spark a conversation.

The outcome: well-formed ideas with a solid foundation.