In a collective intelligence framework, tasks and responsibilities can be distributed among team members based on their skills and availability. 

The challenge comes in knowing how you distribute and balance work across the team.

You need to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and that individuals are working on tasks that align with their strengths and expertise.

Firstly. Prioritise. 

Seek out who is available and capable, not just the same person who did it last time.

Leave them free to concentrate and deliver on their current tasks instead of overloading them and slowing down delivery across all of their tasks as they juggle too much.

By distributing the workload fairly, you can constantly upgrade your team’s skill set.

Provide access to new work where they can learn new skills. Projects where they can step up and learn, be taught, and be open to feedback and coaching.

It will increase expertise and knowledge in the whole team and not just one individual.

Secondly. Keep focussed.

Try to keep resources stable, and not shift people away each time a new project comes in. It keeps momentum by allowing projects to actually finish, instead of splitting their concentration and efforts and slowing down delivery.

Thirdly. Inspire.

If someone is really interested and passionate about a project, try and let them take it on. They’ll be motivated and excited which should be reflected in their performance; a better drive for results, a willingness to collaborate and an openness to feedback, creating a stronger output at the end.

By leveraging the collective capacity of the team, work can be completed more swiftly and with greater focus, maximising productivity.

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