As a consumer and market intelligence specialist, Neeraj Mehra leads teams and decision makers, helping to uncover actionable insights that transform knowledge into an operational asset.

He began sharing his unique model of work in India (a first for the advertising industry), then set up in Singapore for the Asia Pacific region. Most recently he has worked for the world’s most awarded health communications network. Here he shares his passion for collaboration and the values that inspire his work.


What excited you about working with Hypha?

The potential to enable easy access to get organised and relevant company knowledge, as well as aiding teams and people to shape the innovation agenda.


How important is collaborative innovation for creating real business growth?

Conversations, collaboration and creativity are a potent mix that fuel innovation and business growth thinking.


What motivates and inspires you?

I am passionate about solving problems, and striving for excellence.     


What does Hypha mean for you?

Hypha is the 'Connective Tissue' on which organisation intelligence resides. 


What do you love about your work?

Being thorough, and coming as close to the truth as possible to deliver a solution.


What would you say is unique about working with Hypha?

Hypha delivers mostly what all its competitors do but it has a calmer (and a lot less aggressive) personality. It has a more cerebral persona, which is a good thing.