Jean Gomes is a New York Times bestselling author and advisor to CEOs and senior leaders. He works with companies and leaders to help solve challenges. He is passionate about creating a culture of sustainable intensity, and rethinking how organisations function in an uncertain environment.

Here he shares his thoughts on Hypha, the values that inspire his work and the power of collaborative innovation. 


What excites you about Hypha?

I fundamentally believe that the biggest challenge facing organisations in their growth strategies is culture. For innovation to be successful in our uncertain world, leaders need to be able to create a culture where the tension between short term performance and long-term growth isn’t a cold war but a healthy symbiosis.  Hypha is a powerful cultural enabler that can help leaders to create a positive interdependence between delivering value today and creating value for the future.


How important is collaborative innovation for creating real business growth?

One of the myths of innovation is the creation of isolated teams who are ‘protected’ from the corporate immune system.  Whilst trying to do innovation on top of a day job is close to impossible, being totally separated from the ‘mothership’ is also a mistake.  This can make innovation teams vulnerable, for all the wrong reasons when things don’t go right.  The answer is finding a balance between the focus of those in an innovation team and connection with teams who aren’t measured on innovation outcomes. Successful collaboration is really about trust.  Being able to create shared spaces that foster trust is one of the reasons I’m most excited about Hypha.


Can you share 3 values that inspire your work?

Creativity, trust, and realistic optimism


How would you describe Hypha?

Part of a new wave of growth enablers that recognise that culture is the foundation of successful innovation.


What do you love about what you do?

Constant reinvention. I’ve gone from scientist, to strategist, to performance coach, entrepreneur in residence and back again. I love how the disciplines of business, psychology and neuroscience continue to meld together in new ways in my life and work.


What would you say is unique about Hypha?

The people, who are profoundly human centric, and its vision for a better world.