"In a world of exponential change, it’s critical to ensure that your thinking, vision and strategy are all ahead of the curve… in our view, the time for that is now.”

At Hypha we’re passionate about harnessing the power of change as a force for good.

And we wanted to help our clients navigate disruptive and unexpected changes with ease and agility.

So in partnership with Rampworth, we created the Hypha FORCEmapping™.

This exciting new tool is uniquely designed to radically improve your team’s ability to detect shifts in the disruptive forces and course-correct fast.

Calculate the speed and trajectory of disruptive forces, adapt your strategic approach, accelerate execution and develop team agility.

Before building your next MVP, launching your next pivot, or placing your next M&A bet, FORCEmapping™ will help you validate key risks, align your team, heighten agility and spark creative insight.

With vision, understanding and adaptability, you can make change work for you.

Take control with Hypha FORCEmapping™.