With a never ending to-do list it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. This impacts our productivity as well as our sense of fulfilment at work. 


At Hypha we’ve crafted a simple and easy solution. It’s a 3-step process we follow to ensure we create quality work that reflects our passion and commitment to innovation.


  1. Quality over quantity 

We’re excited about creating something of worth that will last. We do this by paying attention to detail and refining our work. Instead of trying to produce a lot in a short space of time, we prioritise and make decisions that reflect the core values of our business. The result is a platform that enhances productivity by making knowledge available, and conserving valuable resources. 


  1. Get organised and focus


It might sound simple, but organisation is at the heart of productivity. When you have all the tools and information you need, you can map a clear direction towards your goal. This ensures your idea becomes a reality. We also recommend switching off any distractions. Try giving your full attention and presence to the job. This will ensure you get everything done much quicker. 


  1. Take a break


There are many studies that show the correlation between movement and productivity. Sitting at a desk all day is more likely to leave you feeling stagnant or stuck. Taking short breaks between meetings can have a transformative impact on your productivity, but also your wellbeing.